Visual Roulette Prediction 
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Fly me To The Moon -Visual Roulette Prediction :MiNi   $59.99
No Practice needed-Beginner and Professional Players.
    You will be amazed how this Roulette Tips mini system works and makes money . It is based on 30 years experience of a roulette dealer .works for both types of wheels Zero and Double Zero tables .Online and Land Casinos.However we encourage Land Casinos because of the better visuals.It easy easy system to use and that we call t the lazy boy system . all you have to do is to watch 2-5 spins the bet a set of 7 or 14 numbers which ever you feel comfortable with . you can bet before the spin or after the spin and combined.This system is based on Roulette physics. no math or calculations is involved .instant and easy instruction will be sent to you after you make the purchase . The amount of money you can make is only up to you and how long you want to stay at the casino . You best 7 numbers for 5 spins . even if you loose the 1st four and win on the 5th !you walk away winning . Change table or even Casino and start over .The more tables you play on the more money you make . you can test the system before even you start playing and risking your money !! thats a great feature .and almost risk free . 7 days a week customer service is available to help you win and answer your questions. We made this mini system available so you can test it and prove it your self then take the next step into buying the large system which will make you understand the roulette physics and be able to predict where the ball will fall each and every spin. which means big winnings .A step buy step instruction will be sent to you and if you do not understand anything we will be happy to answer any question.
We will send you an Ebook instantly. This book has the 30 experience of a roulette dealer in combined in just one set of winning numbers that will surely hit .All what you need is to watch 3-5 spins then you place your bet . this is called qualifying the dealer. The set of numbers that we will give you is 7 numbers and/14 numbers . You bet the same numbers for 5 spins only. if you follow our easy instruction ,one of these numbers will hit ! even if you lost the first 4 spins and hit on the 5th then you will walk away with winnings.more explanation and step by step instructions is found in the book . with system you could easily make $100-$1000 a day depending on the unit value you are playing with. No experience is needed.We call it the lazy Boy system too because you just follow our instructions and bet on fixed numbers . you will discover that this system works perfectly and then its time to buy the complete Roulette Tricks system which will make you more money by understanding the physics of roulette and will make you able to predict where the ball will fall. then you will be able to bet with different sets of numbers on each spin according to expected outcome.